Green Tea

There are but a few herbs with a more impressive history than Chinese green tea. Dating back more than 4,000 years, Chinese green tea has long been revered as a tasty drink that can ward off diseases and improve a person's well-being. Since the first recorded use during the time of Emperor Shen Nung, the relationship between Chinese green tea and good health has never been severed. Chinese green tea is said to increase the blood flow throughout the body. Chinese green tea detoxifies the body. The presence of polyphenols, a naturally occurring antioxidant in green tea, is said to combat harmful free radicals and help keep the body free from diseases. Antioxidants in green tea can boost immunity, preserve young-looking skin, and brighten the eyes.

We have added new Green Teas soap to match our Green Tea Body Butter and Goat Milk and Honey Lotion. I start the process by infusing Organic Green Tea in Olive oil. I infuse by the old-fashion folk method using no heat except the warm sun. The process takes 4-6 weeks. I use this oil combined with coconut and almond oils to make this wonderful soap.

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